Welcome to East 15th Designs. We are a boutique Bay Area design company specializing in rehabilitating and staging homes. Every home has its unique personality and voice. We strive to uncover the true pulse of energy and beauty that each possesses, allowing our properties to shine in the eyes of potential new buyers, investors, or visitors of the home. 

Click on this video to see our rehab and staging of this East Oakland Oasis.

Staging your home is your single best marketing tool when selling your property. Staged homes receive more market attention, offers and compel bidding wars. A beautifully staged home sets you up to achieve your best possible outcome during the sale of your property, so that you can move to your next stage in life with ease and comfort. Please Contact us for a pricing quote, and let us help you get your best new start. 

Staging: Past Projects

Working with other homeowners to help them achieve a perfectly staged home is a thrill. When the finished product is set, clean and ready for market, there is no better feeling than feeling than knowing your home is in its best possible shape for the sale.

Maxwell Park Beauty


We renovated and staged this Maxwell Park Tudor.
Sold 6.7.13


Toler Heights Ranch Style Home

We remodeled and staged this 4 bedroom 2 bathroom home, nestled in the hills near the Oakland Zoo.
Sold 2.2.18

Oakland Bungalow


We staged this light filled and spacious Oakland Bungalow.
Sold 3.20.18

Two Laurel District Cottages


We staged these two beautiful bungalow style Cottages, situated on the same lot in the burgeoning Laurel District of Oakland.
Sold 6/12/18

Traditional Maxwell Park Home


We did a top to bottom remodel with modern updates and high-end finishes on this Maxwell Park beauty. 
Sold 2.11.16

Who We Are

Two female real estate entrepreneurs, with a strong sense of design, style, and trend. 

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Brooke Fulton, Founder

Investor, Designer, Home Stager

I am in love with homes, and all things real estate.  I bought my first home at 23 and completed my first renovation at 24. Since then I have completed fifteen renovations. I have managed multifamily class A's to Section 8 — I've owned, I've rented, I've managed for others, and managed for myself. Real estate is my passion, and I'm always learning.

During the time I've spent working in the real estate world, I've learned that most "tear-downs" are not tear-downs at all.  It takes time, energy and yes, capital to turn around a distressed asset, but these grand old homes (or quaint cottages) can live again, with modern sensibilities. 

I bring my knowledge of rehabilitating homes and my personal style into my staging practice. I strive set up each home so that it showcases its best assets, placing the property in the best possible condition for the market. 

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Martine Donovan

Designer, Home Stager, Social media

An East Bay native, I grew up as the child that saved trinkets, and strings, and strips of fabric for my next masterpiece. I have always found designing and creating in 3D to be an incredible catharsis, and one of my true passions. 

I am a maker of furniture, clothing, and beautiful spaces. The placement of furniture and artwork in the home is so incredibly important to the vibe and energy of a room. I thoroughly enjoy finding the best pieces and situating them in the room to make a home feel truly in harmony. 

During my time spent outside the real estate industry, you can usually find me making music, delicious food and cocktails, and discussing philosophy over old world wines with friends.

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